Facility Features

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For people in Porterville, Terra Bella, Strathmore, Springville, Visalia, Tulare, Earlimart, Delano, Pixley, and Exeter, Porterville Storage is one of the few facilities in the area to offer climate-controlled self-storage units. We also have fully enclosed, covered, and uncovered parking for Boat, RV, or any other vehicle. No matter your needs, our experienced and friendly staff will help you find the perfect storage space for all of your unique treasures. We have state-of-the-art security and fire-safe sprinklers throughout the facility.


Climate Controlled Self-Storage

Do your items need to be kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer? Can they tolerate the extremes of temperature and humidity that come with storage in a lawn building or other location?

Our units maintain an appropriate range of temperatures--never too hot and never too cold. Air conditioning manages summertime humidity, and the system is adequately supported to prevent breakdowns and ensure year-round temperature management.

It will also keep you comfortable anytime you need to stop in at the unit to add or remove items or check in on your belongings. Having access to climate-controlled self-storage in a new facility will make it convenient and comfortable.  


Boat & RV Storage Options

We have all kinds of options for storing your RV, boat, or camper at our new facility. You can go with a fully enclosed parking space where you can keep all the elements out of your vehicle. If all you need is to keep the sun and rain away, we also have covered parking areas. Finally, if all you need is just some space, we have open parking areas for RV/boat storage.

Storing with us is easy. Our broad, well-lit aisles are easy to maneuver as you drive your RV or Camper onto the lot. Our facility offers an RV waste dump service so that you can save a stop on your way home. 

No matter if you're on the way home or on the way out, our RV/boat storage options will make your recreation more fun and less work. When you get home, you'll have the enclosed parking, open parking, or covered parking that best suits your needs.


Top Quality Security

When you leave your valuables behind, whether they're costly in price or sentimental value, you want to know that they are thoroughly protected. We make security a top priority so that you can have peace of mind while you're away.

We have convenient, extended-hour access for Boat/RV parking to come by when you need to, and your property is always protected. Gate access is controlled with a keypad code so that only authorized people can enter the facility. We also have the entire facility under video surveillance at all times so that we can deter criminals from even trying to break in--and so that we can identify and prosecute them if they do try. We have live video survelliance after hours - the only storage facility in the area to offer this great security feature! We have exterior LED lights to keep the parking area bright and safe.

You can access your unit through interior hallways with bright LED lights to make it safe and easy to visit your unit. The entire facility has fire detectors and fire sprinklers to protect your belongings in case of fire.

Your belongings will be as safe or safer with us as they are at home!

Easy Operation
One of the reasons some people don't use self-storage is that they think it's too hard. They picture themselves carrying heavy belongings in broken boxes down a long hallway and then struggling to open the door, all the while worrying that their belongings won't be safe. Then there's another monthly bill to remember to mail out.

That's not the case at our facility! We have EZ access to your storage unit in our climate controlled warehouse.  We offer boxes & supplies to help you get everything properly packaged, and there are carts and dollies available to help you move through interior hallways to your unit.

Once you store things away, we have tenant insurance to protect your belongings in addition to all the fire and security measures mentioned above. We offer convenient online billing that allows you to enjoy your time while on vacation.

COVID has brought the school and the workplace into the home in a way that no one could have imagined. You had to get very creative quickly to keep everything on track, which probably meant moving a lot of things into the garage or just crowding them into the corner. On top of that, a year's worth of working at home has left you with files and equipment that need to be stored as well. That's to say nothing of parking your boat or RV in a safe place.

Our Porterville CA self-storage gives you the storage and protection you need for your kids, job, and family time. Contact us today to see how easy and affordable it is to de-clutter your home!

24-Hour Cameras

Cameras record all activity in the public areas of our premises 24/7, greatly adding to our security capabilities.

After Hours Live Video Surveillance

Cameras are monitored by a live person after gate hours have ended offering you complete peace of mind 24/7.

Extended-Hour Boat/RV Parking Access

Access your parked boat or RV day or night.

24/7 Touchless Rentals

Rent a unit anytime you need it. Our website allows you to rent a unit whether its day or night and you’ll receive access to our gates and your unit online as well for your convenience.

Cart & Dollies

No one wants to lug box after box from the parking lot to storage, so we provide push carts and dollies to make your move a breeze. 

Online Bill Pay

Skip the postage or trip to our office and pay your monthly storage rent directly through our website. Make it even easier on yourself and set up autopay to avoid late fees and automatically pay your bill every month. 

Fire Detectors and Sprinklers

Our facility includes fire detectors to detect if a fire ignites at our facility and fire sprinklers in hallways and storage units to protect your belongings and the buildings from burning down. We encourage you to store your things in airtight plastic bins to protect your things from water, should sprinklers need to be used.

Bright LED Lights

Our hallways and our outdoor areas are brightly lighted. The LED lights we use are lon-lasting and save electricity, which also brings down our rental prices.

Tenant Insurance

Have peace of mind with your belongings in storage. We offer insurance to pay for the loss of, or damage to, your property from various causes. We offer a range of coverage amounts to best suit your needs. 

Gated Entry

Only tenants and employees of our facility are allowed on the grounds. With a sophisticated gate and fence system, we keep unauthorized users out.  

 Onsite Management

Our managers work onsite and can assist customers directly, giving tours, and answering questions.

Boxes & Supplies

We sell the storage supplies you need onsite, and since we’re in the business, we make sure our supplies are high quality. We offer many of the things you’ll need, such as locks, boxes, packing tape, and more.